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Hey guys,

Just taking a second to write a quick blog entry to update you guys on some of the behind the scenes going on. It’s been a minute since we had a chance to update, we had a great first session as a group on April 1st. We had the opportunity to sit down and chat with front man Eric July from the band BackWordz, it was honestly one of my favorite interviews we’ve conducted as a group. We cannot thank Eric enough for coming by and cannot wait to have him back on the show. Be sure to pick up BackWordz debut full length Veracity now, it’s available at all digital outlets as well as Amazon and the band’s merchnow site. I also had the chance to talk with one of my favorite vocalists in music today, John Nolan from Taking Back Sunday as well as Straylight Run. I am so glad John was able to join us and be sure to check out the Music For Everyone ACLU compilation as well as Taking Back Sunday’s newest release Tidal Wave. We also got a chance to talk with the guys in Vinyl Theatre about their upcoming release Origami. I will go on record now saying it will be one of my favorite albums of 2017 (I can say that since almost half of the album is available digitally now). Be sure to grab Origami by Vinyl Theatre on May 5th!

We are starting preliminary outlining for our next show, which I guess will be our first podcast… so when we went into the studio on April 1st we had all the intentions of cramming as much content into audio as we could to pack the first podcast. Technical issues along with lengthy interviews prevented any content to be recorded aside from interviews. I’m not complaining, anyone who knows our shows knows I tend to book a lot of interviews. So we are excited to get some of these ideas/bits/comedy/comedic attempts/etc recorded, and they will be in May… I promise.

On a side note; I am excited to announce I am nearly done setting up my home studio for phone interviews. This will help in scheduling conflicts that may arise in some interviews as well as recording them prior to heading into our Dallas studio. It should open up our group recordings to do more bits instead of a continuous stream of interviews.

Anyways thanks for reading and we will have more updates soon!